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Server Configurations
The following configurations are both required and recommended to obtain optimal performance.

The server will require a permanent connection to the Internet on a static IP address, to properly handle un-subscriptions, bounces, and campaign tracking.

Required Software
The following open source tools should be installed and configured on your RedHat 9.x/10.x (or FreeBSD 5.2) server to do high performance mailings:
  • Qmail
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Future: Q3 2005 Microsoft SQL Database / ASP.NET Front End

Recommened Hardware
(millions per day)
List Size
Recommended Configuration
Less than < 2 Less than < 5 P4 2.53GHz with 1 GBRAM and 80GB HDD
2 - 4 5 - 30 Dual Xeon 3.2GHz with 2GB RAM and Raid 1- 160GB HDD's
-- 30 - 200 Quad Xenon 2.4GHz with 6Gb RAM and RAID-5 Disk Array
Greater than > 5 --
  • Dedicated back-end database server Dual or Quad Xenon 3.06GHz processors & 5GB memory

  • Dedicated tracking server P4 3.06GHz processors & 4GB memory

  • Dedicated bounce server P4 2.0 & 1GB memory

  • Dedicated name server P4 2.66 & 2GB memory

  • Dedicated front-end mailer P4 2.66GHz & 1GB memory

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