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eList Manager - Product Features

Software Leasing Information

eList Manager software is available for leasing on a bi-annual basis. Customers provide the appropriate hardware to run the service, and Email Answers will install, configure, and test all the applicable software on it. Pricing includes eList Manager support and upgrades. Please call for specific lease pricing. Lease pricing is based on individual customer requirements.

eList Manager is also available as a Hosted Solution for select customers. Please click here to contact an Email Answers representative for more information.

Additional integration and customization is available on an hourly basis at a rate of $125/hour.

Please click here to see Server Configurations for specifics on required hardware and software.

For Enterprise System Pricing, 10MM + per day, please call 561.826.6000 to speak to one of our system engineers.

Click here to request more information about our FREE Demo!

Product Features:

List Management

Email Deployment

Reporting Data


Leasing Info

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eList Manager - Email Marketing Software

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